Failsafe Flight Termination Device - coming soon

Failsafe FTD photo

Millswood Engineering Failsafe FTD

The Millswood Engineering Failsafe FTD enhances the operational safety of unmanned aerial systems by detecting and managing a range of fault conditions. Under normal circumstances the Failsafe FTD is completely transparent to the operation of the UAV, but under fault conditions the Failsafe FTD can be configured to take various actions ranging from simply recording the event, through to redirecting the autopilot, or in dire circumstances terminating flight.

The Failsafe FTD can detect a range of different fault conditions such as:

In addition to fault detection, the Failsafe FTD can also perform actions in response to other conditions such as:

For each of the faults and conditions listed above, a range of actions may be performed such as:

Action lists are individually assigned to each fault condition, and occur after user-defined delays. Actions can even be reversed if the fault condition resolves at some later point in time. Naturally the actions that are to be reversed are user-definable for each fault condition.

Fault Tolerance

The Failsafe FTD also has the ability to sequence events after detecting a fault condition, allowing for a staged recovery and therefore a degree of fault tolerance. This is achieved by having primary and secondary actions lists which are then configured to occur at different times. This gives the autopilot an opportunity to recover the situation prior to the Failsafe FTD taking definitive action.

Flight Data Recording

The Failsafe FTD records all critical events to on-board non-volatile memory for post-flight analysis.

Other Hardware Features

In addition to its management capabilities, the Failsafe FTD also provides:

Mechanical Specifications

The Failsafe FTD is 2.10 x 4.05" (53.4 x 102.9mm) and weighs 1.3oz (37g). A perspex locking plate that secures connectors against vibration will also be available.

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