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Currawong Engineering

UAV engine systems, servos, ESCs, CNC machining and engineering services.
Millswood Engineering products are distributed internationally by Currawong Engineering.

HFE International

Engines, engine electronics and sensors, air filters, fuel systems, servos and generators.
Millswood Engineering products are distributed internationally by HFE International.


Specialises in technology-rich software engineering and IT service management.
Millswood Engineering performs hardware and firmware design for elmTEK on a range of diverse products.

UAV Challenge

The UAV Challenge Outback Rescue was an unmanned aircraft search and rescue competition that ran from 2007 to 2014. It saw teams from around the world compete to save lost bushwalker Outback Joe using unmanned aircraft and deliver him a life saving water bottle. The competition has evolved since 2014 and now consists of the UAV Challenge Medical Express and UAV Challenge Airborne Delivery.
Millswood Engineering designed the original Failsafe device to address the safety requirements of this competition.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Sub-Systems, ISR Solutions and Courses, System Integration, Simulation Systems and Training.
Millswood Engineering is working with VISIONAIRtronics on a new 800W Power Distribution Unit.

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