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1600W Generator Control Unit - coming soon

The 1600W GCU is being developed in partnership with VISIONAIRtronics of Austria.

More details available soon.

Functional description

Internal architecture of the 1600W GCU

Internal architecture of the 1600W GCU

The 1600W GCU is a companion product to the 900W PDU. They are physically separate entities, but are designed to be installed together in an unmanned vehicle to provide a complete power management system. The PDU provides regulated outputs to power a vehicle's avionics, servo and payload demands, whilst the GCU manages electrical power generation and battery charging.

Electrical power generation is performed using a high-efficiency active rectifier, which converts 3-phase AC from a BLDC motor into high-voltage DC. This is followed by a Buck-boost converter, which allows electrical power generation to occur over a wider RPM range than would otherwise be possible. With a suitable choice of BLDC motor Kv, electrical power generation is possible over a 4:1 engine speed range.

A second BLDC motor may be connected for redundant operation with twin-engined aircraft.

An engine starter is included, which allows local or remote engine starting (via RS232 or CAN command), as well as in-flight restarts. A second engine starter is an option for twin-engined aircraft.

The GCU has two battery chargers, each capable of delivering 8 Amps of charging current at up to 50.4V. Chargers may be paralleled for use with single battery systems.

The main power output from the GCU connects directly to the Umbilical input on the PDU. This allows the PDU to operate from generated electrical power, rather than draw power from the batteries. This arrangement allows the batteries to be recharged more quickly after engine starting or electric motor operation during vertical take-off.

Like the PDU, the GCU has both RS232 and CAN interfaces. These interfaces are used for configuration, reporting of measured values (telemetry), and real-time control of various features. Firmware update is supported through the RS232 interface. Connection to either of these interfaces within the vehicle is entirely optional; the GCU will operate quite normally with no communications at all.

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