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15S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer

15S Battery Balancer PCB

15S Battery Balancer PCB

The 15S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer is a precision device that ensures that multi-cell batteries are maintained in an optimal state, improving system reliability and prolonging battery life.

The 15S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer does exactly as its name suggests: it monitors cells within a battery, and it balances those cells if and when they require it. Comprehensive data detailing the battery’s internal state is sent via the CAN interface.

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The 15S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer is distributed in Europe by VISIONAIRtronics.

If you are located closer to Australia, you can choose to purchase from Millswood Engineering.


The Battery Balancer is intended to be connected to a battery, installed into a UAV and interfaced to the vehicle's CAN bus. A pair of indicator lights on the front panel give a "go / no go" indication of the battery's state of balance and state of charge. More detailed battery information is available via the CAN bus.

Use of the battery balancer confers a number of operational advantages:

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