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6S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer

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6S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer

The 6S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer is a precision instrument that ensures that multi-cell batteries are maintained in an optimal state, improving system reliability and prolonging battery life.

The 6S Battery Cell Monitor & Balancer does exactly as its name suggests: it monitors cells within a battery, and it balances those cells if and when they require it. Comprehensive data detailing the battery’s internal state is sent via the CAN interface.

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Available now from Millswood Engineering.


Inside the 6S battery balancer

Inside the 6S Battery Balancer

The Battery Balancer plugs directly into the balance connector present on most Lithium-based batteries. In many cases, this is the only connection required. A pair of indicator lights on the front panel give a "go / no go" indication of the battery's state of balance and state of charge. More detailed battery information is available via the CAN bus.

The Battery Balancer can be used in two ways:

Installation into a UAV confers a number of operational advantages:

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